Nation Power Session

Nation Power Session

Building Rockstar Relationships with CPAs

Discover the Secrets to Strengthening Your Relationship with CPAs and Clients

Are you tired of feeling like your client's financial strategies are caught in a tug-of-war between you and their CPA? It's time to end the battle and start a winning partnership!

Join us for a Power Session where Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, and Steven Jarvis, CPA, will reveal the keys to building rock-solid connections with the CPAs you work with.

Steven Jarvis, CPA
Retirement Tax Services CEO 
& Head CPA 
The Retirement Tax Podcast
APRIL 24, 2024
09:00 AM PST
Matthew Jarvis, CFP®
The Perfect RIA Co-Founder
Jarvis Financial Services CEO
Author of "Delivering Massive Value"

What to Expect from This Power Session?

 Gain valuable insights into the mindset of CPAs and understand why clients often prioritize their advice over Financial Advisors'.

 Explore real-world scenarios and discover how to navigate tax planning discussions effectively, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.
 Learn practical strategies for bridging the gap between Financial Advisors and CPAs, fostering stronger collaborations.

 Acquire actionable tips for strengthening your relationships with CPAs, leading to increased referrals and client trust.

From Opponents to Allies:
Join Forces as CPA+CFP for Client Success!

Who Should Attend This Power Session?

This session is ideal for Financial Advisors seeking to enhance their relationships with CPAs, deepen their understanding of tax planning dynamics, and unlock new avenues for client success.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your practice, this Power Session offers invaluable insights and strategies to elevate your game in the ever-evolving landscape of financial advising.


"Huge fan of what you are doing. It's provided me so much value and insight on issues & topics which are vital to my practice yet often go overlooked by advisors."
- Ben S.

"I didn't even know a service like this existed, what RTS is doing is awesome!"
- Tad H.

"What I love about RTS is you're given very specific action items and things to take away and implement immediately."
- Jennifer J.

Rewrite the script: Embrace collaboration and build stronger bonds with CPAs.

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